Parental Career Guidance – Plan the Future With Your Child

Any parent would want the best for his or her child. That includes the best education, and of course, the best career that seals the deal on a bright future. But you can’t plan your child’s future on your own if you want him or her to be happy. Here are some pointers for providing career guidance to your child without being overbearing.

  1. Let your child plan and decide. You can teach your child the skill of planning and wise decision-making by allowing them to practice these. Let your youngster order his homework according to difficulty and urgency. Have them plan simple things like what your family will do over the weekend or how to go about shopping for supplies for the next schoolyear. Open up to your adolescent discussions about decisions for the family such as finances. If they practice these skills early, they’ll be more competent assessing their future options.
  2. Trust your child’s abilities. Many a parent would complain about her son’s online gaming addiction without noticing his dexterity and adeptness in strategizing. Not all kids may be academically excellent, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have their own strengths. Once you appreciate your child’s abilities, you can help him/her find the right avenues for sharpening it. Career trends fluctuate, but well-developed capabilities don’t. Remember, the guy behind the hit site Facebook was not an adult.
  3. Involve your child in planning for the futureIn case you have forgotten, it is your child’s life you are planning. Ask for your child’s opinion in educational and career options. Does pre-med sound good to him? Or would he rather use his nimble fingers and take up a technical vocational course. Don’t hesitate to bring up finances but don’t make it the whole point. Before investing in college, think of whether your child is suited and prepared for it. Forcing your child to go to college may not be a good idea in the end.
  4. Assess the small and big picture. Taking up nursing may sound lucrative today, but after your child graduates, will it still be in-demand? Don’t limit your view to your child and your family’s needs and capacities. Study the trends in the market, too. Watch the news and read the papers to get a feel of what the present and the future hold for particular career choices. Talk to people for advice. If you and your child are thinking of work abroad, online forums are a great way to interact with people from all over the world. Weigh future prospects with what you are willing to sacrifice at the moment. Right now the small picture may seem bleak but in time, will reveal that it is but a fraction of a bigger and rosier picture.